What is Castile Soap?

Castile soap has become tremendously popular in recent years, and for very good reason. Environmentally conscious shoppers are attracted to its eco-friendly profile and to its affordability (being a concentrate, a little goes a long way). As one of the largest producers of Castile soap, Vermont Soap's purchasers really get behind the company's ethical and ecological standards.  But just what IS Castile soap?

In short, Castile Liquid Soap is the single most versatile cleaning product you can have in your home.  It is a safe, nontoxic, green, highly concentrated, multi-purpose, multi-surface, environmentally friendly concentrate that is made from plant oils.  Whew.  That's a lot to deliver in one small package.

The word Castile is a reference to La Castilla – a region in central Spain historically significant in the history of soapmaking. In America, castile means any soap made with olive oil, often a liquid soap made from coconut and olive. Some companies add synthetic chemicals such as thickeners or emulsifiers to their so called castile soap.  Always check your ingredients; real, organic castile soap should only contain saponified organic oils such as jojoba, coconut and olive plus sometimes essential oils. Vermont Soap uses organic rosemary extract as a preservative and aloe vera juice for added moisturizing benefits.


Castile Soap Fast Facts


Castile soap foams better as you dilute it. Castile foams best at 50-60% dilution depending on the hardness of the water you use for dilution.


Castile soap will still foam at 5% in 95% distilled water. Put some into a trigger sprayer and see how well it cleans windows and other water safe surfaces.


Castile soap does not contain foaming boosters so your suds will not be hanging in there after talking with your bestie on the phone for 20 minutes. However, a quick spray of hot water and you are back in business. These properties make it ideal for floors walls, woodwork and windows which do better with less foam. Apply to the applicator and wipe or scrub for best results.


You can use castile soap in a dishwasher. Use just like a concentrate. Use too much and you risk a foam fiasco!